co-cross: machine for living + working - Dubai

co-cross: machine for living + working

Our proposal co-cross is an exploration in the future of work-live scenarios for young professionals wanting the flexibility and freedom of working from home.

‘co-cross’ stands for the emerging desire in the collaborative cross-pollination of life and work.

The design integrates the thinking behind novel theories in productivity and lifestyle.

MEAN* used different USM products to envision a modular unit shaped as a cross. Instead of rooms, the unit is separated with partitions.

The co-cross unit investigates the geometric use of ‘voxels’ (3D pixels) to achieve an added aesthetic ornamentation, which also serves the duality of lighting in the sleep area and seating-storage/ planting pods for the living area.

  1. Type
    Modular Furniture / Structure
  2. Size
    72 sqm
  3. Location
    Dubai, UAE
  4. Status
    Winning Design, USM 'live-work' Competition
  5. Lead Architect
    Riyad Joucka
  6. Team
    Wael Nasrallah
  7. Date


Conceptual Diagram Showing the Initial Idea.

Diagram Showing a Composite Module of the Used USM Elements.

Generative Diagram Showing Voxel Formations Based on Spatial Functions.

Isometric Diagram showing 'co-cross' Zones Starting from 'work-his', 'sleep-theirs', 'work-hers', 'live-theirs'.