LATE - 3D Printed floor lamp

‘ليت — Late’ is a bespoke 3D Printed lamp designed for a friend of MEAN and is not intended for mass production. The unique piece is a thoughtful and innovative experiment in designing lighting fixtures using Robotic 3D printing.

‘ليت — Late’ is designed keeping in mind the essence of the Industrial FDM Robotic 3D printing process and takes full advantage of its resourcefulness, robustness, and formal possibilities.

Manufactured in collaboration with Nagami in Avila, Polymer Pellets of 3 different colors were used in the printing of the lamp: Maroon Brown, Tangerine Orange, and Clear. During the 3D printing process, the pellets are carefully distributed to ensure a smooth gradient of transition from the dark color to the transparent. This process had to be prototyped and repeated several times to obtain optimal results.

An industrial LED rod lighting fixture is used to emit light equally in a straight line. The conical lampshade form is designed to cover the bottom part of the LED with a wider base, which narrows to a smaller diameter, encasing the lamp at the top. The gradient of colors is designed to conceal the bottom parts of the lighting fixture and diffuse towards the top in a smooth transition. The result is a shooting star effect, which elegantly heightens the elongated proportions of the lamp.

  1. Type
    Product Design
  2. Client
    Sultan Sooud Al qassemi
  3. Fabrication
  4. Size
    327W x 409D x 1581H
  5. Location
    Dubai, UAE
  6. Lead
    Riyad Joucka
  7. Team
    Amro Mansy
  8. Photos
    Luis Filipe
  9. Date

In plan, the form is also achieved by rotating and reducing the scale of hexagons incrementally towards the top. The rotating and overlapping hexagons are generated using a Python script and provide an outline shape used as the layered pathway curves for 3D printing. The resulting form is a phyllotaxis geometry in the plan - a geometric phenomenon typically found in nature. In elevation, a Diagrid lattice is generated by the corners of the hexagons, adding articulation and structural support to the lampshade shell.

‘ليت — Late’ is an experiment in light, materiality, computation, geometry, and form. The name comes from the fact that this experiment took a long time to design, prototype, and finals hence our lateness in delivering it.

‘ليت — Late’ in Emirati dialect also is an informal word for ‘Light’.


Close up Photos Showing 'LATE' Lamp Details.

Exploded Axonometric Diagram Showing the Assembly Process of 'LATE' Lamp

Design Drawings Showing 'LATE' Lamp in Plan and Elevation

Illustration Showing 'LATE' Lamp Colorways Proposals.