Tutuncka 2.0 - 3D Printed Lamp

TUTUNCKA is 3D Printed Lamp generated using algorithmic processes. MEAN*'s first experiment in product design, was first triggered with an intent to produce a very special wedding gift to Hind and Faisal: their last names combined makes the name of this line of products.

The algorithm originally written to produce one lamp, had evolved to take the restraints of different 3D printing technologies (FDM, SLS, etc.) to produce infinite variations of lighting fixtures that vary in size, weight, color and complexity.

This bespoke computational tool generates performative features; such as the form of the lamp, the layers and density of the ribs that compose the 3D printed shells, as well as their density, which varies the amount of light emitted.

The resulting 3D geometry can indicate the amount of materials used for 3D printing, the weight and time taken for the lamp to be 3D printed.

These calculations are derived from constant feedback taken from prototyping the lamps. All the geometries generated are meant to be 3D printed in one piece.

TUTUNCKA is an experiment in product design that resulted in a family of options that share a similar DNA, but differentiate in form and performance.

  1. Type
    Product Design
  2. Client
    Hind Joucka + Faisal Tutunji
  3. Fabrication
    Iris 3D Solutions
  4. Size
    0.25 sqm
  5. Location
    Dubai, UAE
  6. Lead Architect
    Riyad Joucka
  7. Team
    Wael Nasrallah
  8. Date


Video showing TUTUNCKA 2.0, from the SLA printing process to a finished product

Photos showing some key details of the lamp when its turned on and off.

Closeup Photos showing the details when the lamp is turned on.

Elevational section dissection of Tutuncka 2.0 lamp.

Cross sections (Plan) showing the printing process from bottom up.

Renders shows TUTUNCKA 2.0 family with Different materials and iterations using algorithmic methods and computational tools.