Voxel - Urban Reactivation


Voxel aims to reactivate DIFC with a dynamic array of modular and tiered seating that can adapt its form and arrangement to the fit its surroundings. The proposal simultaneously provides a shaded social seating space for the users as well as a food and beverage area to elevate the livelihood of the public space.

Playful Shading

The seating is thoughtfully shaded with square fabric sheets that follow the contours of the tiered arrangement beneath. These canopies not only shield occupants from the sun but also contribute to the visual aesthetic. Colored in the same gradient from orange to pink, the canopies complement the hues of the illuminated cubes, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing environment.

An Appetizing Experience

To enhance the urban experience, two of the five seating typologies incorporate food and beverage stalls. The voxels are strategically stacked to form a cavity within the tiered seating, accommodating the F&B stalls beneath while the seating rests atop them. These stalls seamlessly integrate into the seating arrangement, offering a convenient and communal space for socializing. The project not only redefines urban seating but also fosters a vibrant and adaptable gathering place for the community.

  1. Type
  2. Client
  3. Location
    Dubai, UAE
  4. Status
  5. Lead
    Riyad Joucka
  6. Team
    Dheyaa Dheyaa, Gaston Sanchez Sarmiento, Habiba Mohamed, Joan D'Silva, Jonsen Javier, Omar Allabban, Taimaa Barakat
  7. Date

Materiality & Color

Each seat in this innovative urban seating solution is a translucent cube made of fiberglass injection molded plastic that contains vibrant LED lights. The voxels are placed in stacks and adaptive arrangements, creating a mesmerizing gradient from orange to pink as the blocks build up in the tiered seating. This infusion of color not only adds a playful touch to the urban landscape but also provides ambient lighting for evening gatherings.

Lightweight Structure

The shading canopies are suspended above the tiered seating by a robust steel space frame, offering structural integrity while maintaining an open and airy feel. Sleek steel columns extend from the space frame down through the gaps between the beveled cubed seats, providing both support and a visually unobtrusive design. This strategic use of materials ensures a harmonious blend of form and function.

Exploded Axonometric Diagrams Showing the Components that make up the Installation.




Detail Drawings Showing Food & Beverage Stalls on a Larger Scale.

Diagrams Showing the Placement of the Installation on the Site.

Diagram Showing the Design Variations of the Installation.

Drawings Showing Installation in Plans, Sections, and Elevations.