University of Sharjah Innovation Hub

Design Approach

The design of the ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub’ (Fab Lab) interior is intended to be an area that facilitates the spirit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship by providing a space that reflects this vision. Our design proposes a maximal impact with minimal interference to the existing structure of the Men’s Library. The overall theme of the interiors proposes a daring, energetic space that aspires to showcase the vision of the University of Sharjah.

The journey of the visitor starts with a welcoming Reception Hall, with bespoke furniture and finishes designed in a contemporary dynamic aesthetic. The Reception Hall leads down the stairs towards a foyer area with another digitally manufactured bench, that echoes the spirit of the place and connects the two rooms together.

Meanwhile, in the pitch room, a practical touch comes in the form of a sliding screen, ensuring adaptability without compromising style. This room also boasts custom 3D printed GRC walls, not only delivering exceptional acoustic insulation but also showcasing a distinctive pattern achievable only through 3D printing technology.

These tailored features collectively enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the fabrication lab, fostering an environment that is both welcoming and creatively inspiring.

Our proposal creates a space that fosters novelty and entrepreneurship. We believe that the design of this space should reflect the concept of its vision. The proposal is carefully thought out to encourage the students, faculty, and visitors of the Fab Lab to ideate and create and rethink the world as we know it. Envisioning a better future from within the University of Sharjah’s Campus and to the world.

  1. Type
  2. Client
    University of Sharjah
  3. Location
    Sharjah, UAE
  4. Status
  5. Lead
    Riyad Joucka
  6. Team
    Francisco Aerathu, Gaston Sanchez Sarmiento, Jonsen Javier, Subhadeep Sarkar
  7. Engineering
    Sharjah Engineering Consultants
  8. Visualizers
  9. Date

A ‘Pitch Room’ is placed at the front to welcome visitors to presentations of ideas. The room is defined by an informal amphitheater-style seating, around an area for a presenter. The room can be fully enclosed by sliding panels that curve around that space. In the basement, a hallway connects all the rooms and draws visitors in from the foyer. The hallway is naturally lit with skylights, excavated at ground level at carefully thought-out locations.

LED way-finding lighting branches out from the foyer, through the hallway and visually connects all the rooms together. The hallway is lined with custom-made shelves for projects showcase that reach out to the ceiling.

The VR Meeting room looks over to the ‘Ideation Lab’ an open space that provides a healthy work atmosphere, encouraging innovative thinking that spills out onto the workshop and fabrication areas.

Towards the end of the journey, a Robotics and 3D Printing Room, CNC Machine Room, Laser Cutting Room, Wood and Metal workshops are placed as areas of making and tinkering. These areas are reserved for materializing the ideas that are thought out and discussed throughout the space.

The focus on bespoke furniture in the FabLab brings a distinctive charm to the space. The integrated seating, crafted from custom fluted wood panels, not only offers a comfortable seating solution but seamlessly blends with the surrounding columns, creating a unique cushioned seating that breeds social interactions. Adding a touch of nature to the space, green walls fitted with custom hydroponic systems contribute to a serene and relaxed ambiance, providing a tranquil backdrop for creative endeavors.

Drawings Showing Design of the Lab in Plans & Internal Elevations.




Axonometric Diagrams Showing Overall Design.

Detail Diagrams Showing Fire Exit Details & Material Choice.

Walkthrough Video Showing Overall Experience & Circulation in the FabLab.

Detail Drawings Showing Construction Details in the Design.