Members Club fashion incubator


The Member’s Clubhouse and Fashion Incubator project by MEAN* (Middle East Architecture Network) in Dubai combines the principles of brutalism and modularity to create a unique space inspired by the serenity of a secluded oasis. The project aims to provide a harmonious environment for collaboration, networking, and creativity within the fashion industry.

Building Blocks of Adaptability

The project employs a modular design approach with three precast modules as building blocks: a half arch module, a solid block module, and a column module.

The bridge serves as both a functional pathway and a design feature, allowing visitors to move effortlessly between the different spaces under a shaded element or experience the surrounding views on top of the bridge. The combination of the bridges and central pool fosters a sense of unity, promoting seamless movement and connectivity in the space.

Embracing the Bold

This fashion clubhouse fully embraces the bold and captivating aesthetic of brutalism. The precast modules, with their distinct shapes and patterns, are celebrated as architectural statements in their own right through the exploration of their full creative potential and combination possibilities.

The interplay between the modules creates visually striking compositions, accentuating the raw and honest expression of materials. Exposed concrete, textured surfaces, and strong lines define the building’s exterior, exuding a sense of strength and character. The project aims to showcase the beauty and impact of brutalism, leaving a lasting impression on all who experience it.

  1. Type
  2. Client
  3. Location
    Dubai, UAE
  4. Status
  5. Lead
    Riyad Joucka
  6. Team
    Dheyaa Dheyaa, Habiba Mohamed, Joan D'Silva, Omar Allabban
  7. Date

The use of modularity provides flexibility, adaptability, and visual intrigue to the architecture by using them as building blocks for both the interior and exterior. By leveraging modularity, the project ensures efficient space utilization, ease of future modifications, and streamlined, inexpensive construction, ultimately creating a dynamic and functional environment for its users.

Where Fashion Meets Function

The clubhouse features five distinct structures that serve different functions in the space. The reception & retail, food & beverage, and gym spaces are designed as single storey structures with accessible roofs for seating and greenery. The boutique hotel is made up of four floors with a mezzanine at the ground floor for F&B that is connected with the other rooftops. Finally, the fashion incubator is designed as a high ceiling space with a mezzanine floor that can serve as a runway to showcase the designs that will be created in that space.

The five buildings are thoughtfully arranged around a central pool, acting as a tranquil centerpiece, providing a sense of relaxation and serenity to visitors as they navigate through the interconnected buildings. The buildings are seamlessly interconnected by a singular bridge. This bridge elegantly spans across the rooftops of the buildings, creating a unifying element that ties the functions together.

Diagram Showing the Evolution of the Design Language



Massing Diagram Showing the Master Plan of the Clubhouse

Moodboard Showing Design Intention and Direction

Diagram Showing the Design of the Three Modules Used as Building Blocks

Drawings Showing the Floor Plans of all the Buildings.

Drawings Showing the Elevations of all the Buildings.