Le Monde d'Hermès Kiosk


MEAN* was commissioned by Hermès, a family-owned, independent, and socially responsible fashion house to design a traveling, quirky, sustainable pop-up. The kiosk's main purpose was to create a communal gathering that contextualizes the brand identity.

Hermès Middle East

Contextualizing the brand image was an opportunity to connect with the local community. Values like generosity, warmth, lightness, and friendliness are shared between the brand identity and the local context and are highlighted through the design of the kiosk.

Sustainability & Timeless Elegance

The 3D printing technology used to manufacture the panels is more sustainable than traditional methods. It provided less material waste, lower energy consumption, and reduced inventory waste. It also allowed the panels to be printed in thick extrusion using 100% recycled plastic that is 100% recyclable allowing the kiosk to have a smaller carbon footprint.

Furthermore, the structure of the kiosk is designed to be easily assembled and dismantled as a kit of parts, shipped, and reassembled in different cities as a portable (traveling), reusable kiosk.

  1. Type
  2. Client
  3. Size
    154 sqm
  4. Location
    Dubai, UAE
  5. Status
  6. Lead
    Riyad Joucka
  7. Team
    Gaston Sanchez Sarmiento, Jonsen Javier, Dheyaa Dheyaa, Taimaa Barakat
  8. Contractor
    Alpha Nero
  9. Date
  10. Photos + Video

An Object of Approachable Lightness

The kiosk is a translation of the house’s repeated themes throughout its design of objects or even the architecture that houses the objects. It offers lightness and warmth through the choice of patterns and how they diffuse light during the day while the kiosk slowly transforms into a lantern during the night. Its organic and multi-layered patterns will be a tactile invitation to touch the object, offering playfulness and remaining approachable. The swirly H tessellation that makes up the panel’s pattern is inspired by prints found in Hermès objects as a subtle nod to the brand’s design identity.

Le Monde d'Hermès Kiosk - Design

Conceptual Drawings Showing Kiosk in Plan and Elevation.

Le Monde d'Hermès Kiosk - Details

Detail Photos of Panels

Excerpt from the Construction Details Drawing Set

Assembly and launch

A Time-Lapse Video Showing The Assembly and Launch.