Inspired by the concept of a “Wormhole” in scientific theory, which entails a hypothetical structure reconnecting disparate points in spacetime, our proposal delves into the realm of imaginative design possibilities. Similar to the scientific concept, our project combines two pivotal ideas that have emerged from our interdisciplinary collaboration.

The first concept revolves around the creation of portals, each boasting unique typologies that seamlessly converge to form a vibrant and playful topography. These portals serve as gateways, enticing visitors to embark on an awe-inspiring journey through an enchanting landscape.

Portal Segments for Engaging Experiences

Purposefully-designed module portals offer diverse users a range of captivating experiences within the structure. The seamless combination of portals creates an enchanting interior that sparks curiosity and invites visitors on an immersive journey of exploration.

The Playful Potential of Pool Noodles

The use of polyethylene pool noodles provides affordable, accessible, and playful elements, perfectly suited to create an engaging environment. The flexible nature and vibrant aesthetic of pool noodles offer cushioning and comfortable seating, adapting to various spatial configurations.

Crafted Clusters

Fabrication involves bundling pool noodles into clusters, forming the structural foundation. These clusters are meticulously wire-cut into intricate profiles, transforming them into distinct shapes of portals and urban furniture pieces. The profiles can be cut based on CNC shaped templates that are produced precisely from the 3D model. Every element seamlessly integrates into the design, reflecting the meticulous attention to detail.

Enriching the Landscape

MEAN* and DezighnTechnic’s collaboration contributes to the vibrancy of Dubai Design District. Re-purposing the structure into separate pieces of urban furniture and wayfinding elements enhances the experiences of d3 residents, and visitors leaving a distinctive and lasting impression. As visitors engage with the structure, during and after the event, they actively participate in shaping Dubai’s design landscape.

This visionary structure, with its captivating portals, inventive use of materials, and meticulous craftsmanship, promises to be a show stopper at Dubai Design District. Its transformative nature, offering an immersive experience and adaptable functionality, sets it apart from conventional installations.

Through its innovative portals, imaginative use of materials, and sustainable re-purposing strategy, ‘Wormhole’ celebrates the vibrant design community of Dubai Design District.

  1. Type
  2. Client
    Dubai Design Week
  3. Size
    26.6 sqm
  4. Location
    Dubai, UAE
  5. Status
  6. Lead
    Riyad Joucka
  7. Team
    Dheyaa Dheyaa, Habiba Mohamed, Joan D'Silva, Omar Allabban
  8. Collaborators
  9. Date

The second idea centers around the utilization of a lightweight structures composed of squishy ‘worms‘ – or more aptly, pool noodles. These pliable elements lend themselves to be molded and precisely cut into contoured geometries, harmoniously complementing the fluidity and vibrancy of the portal landscapes that’s been meticulously designed, all while providing a comfortable and durable material for outdoor seating. The resulting design is an extraordinary fusion of architectural form and tactile delight, inviting individuals to transcend conventional boundaries and immerse themselves in a sensory adventure unlike any other.


Design Mood Board Showing Materiality and Precedents

Design Diagrams Showing Modularity

Design Diagrams Showing Fabrication Process

Design Diagram Showing Color Options

Drawings Showing Installation in Plans, Sections, and Elevations