cosmos house


‘Cosmos’ is a vacation home conceived and designed for a family for five, in the Village of Dadan in Al Ula, northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
It represents a new chapter in the development of Saudi Arabia as a tourist destination. The house is both a comfortable shelter, equipped with contemporary technologies for a healthy lifestyle, and pays tribute to the rich history of the country.

Antiquity to Infinity

The project of ‘Cosmos House’ draws from the history and heritage of Al Ula, from the civilizations and peoples that left their mark there – from ancient Dedanites and Nabateans, the Islamic Empire, through the Ottoman and Saudi states.
In line with the leadership’s vision towards 2030 pillar to become “The heart of the Arab and Islamic World”, we integrated a contemporary approach to the layout of the floor plan while observing social heritage, reflecting the social lifestyle of its inhabitants.
The concept of the house integrates contemporary ideas in the design and construction of future dwellings, while representing important architectural features borrowed from houses of the Kingdom, from antiquity to modern times -with an outlook towards the future.

One with Nature

We designed the circular floor plan of the house around a central courtyard with arched latticed windows allowing views from all the circulation pathways of the house. At the main entrance, the staircase shaft is the tallest structure from the segments of the circle that make up the rooms of the house, all portioned with 3D Printed Mud Walls. The staircase shaft doubles as a wind catcher, a common feature in the architecture of the region. The windows of the house are clad with a layered lattice, with a design that filters direct sunlight and protects the privacy of the house’s residents.

  1. Type
  2. Client
    The Royal Commission for AlUla
  3. Size
    707 sqm
  4. Location
    AlUla, Saudi Arabia
  5. Status
  6. Lead
    Riyad Joucka
  7. Team
    Wael Nasrallah, Amro Mansy, Francisco Ortiz, Subhadeep Sarkar, Joseph Aaerthu
  8. Visualizers
  9. Artists
    Ibbini Studio
  10. Archeologist
    Gabriel Natal
  11. 3D Printing Consultant
  12. Date

Tomorrow Through Yesterday's Eyes

Cosmos House is a study in juxtaposing antiquity and the future, a circular house resembling a novel system of thought provoking ideas of living in the harsh climate of the desert. It is a prototype representing the unity of human ingenuity, of intervening with nature.


Site Analysis Diagrams Showing Site Overview to Contextualize the Design

Design Diagrams and Drawings Showing House in Plans, Elevations, and Sections.

Construction Diagrams Showing the House Construction Through Different Phases.

Environmental Diagrams Showing Analysis Proving Design Concepts.


Detail Renders of the Barjeel Staircase

Excerpt from the Design Technical Booklet Showing the Barjeel Staircase

Detail Photos of Mashrabiya Screens

Excerpt from the Design Technical Booklet Showing the Lightbeam Mashrabiya Screens

Photos of The 3D Printed Model Showing 'Cosmos House'


A Walk-Through Video Showing The Exterior and Interior Spaces of 'Cosmos House'